Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekly Recap and a SWELTERING Hill workout

Saturday - Rivertrail 15K race - GREAT run!
Sunday - 6 miler in the afternoon - sore and tired legs from race.
Upper body weight workout - did NOT even attempt leg's since they were sore
Monday - 50 minutes on the Spin bike - FUN!
Tuesday - 6 miles (2 miles easy - 2 miles tempo - 2 miles easy) good run but tough
Wednesday - 5 mile easy run at lunch - ran with Chris F - great run but warm.
Upper body weight workout.
Thursday - 6 miles with hill workout thrown in - good run but instead of pushing it on most of the hills - we girls (me, Lisa F, Cindy C and Vicky V) were too busy discussing American Idol - Robert did the workout much better than we did :) Guess he didn't watch American Idol - lol!
Tonight I will probably get a few miles with the Women Can Run ladies - I am excited about our first workout. We have 200 ladies total and I have 37 in our Intermediate/Advanced group I am helping to lead.

Today's temperature at run time (5:05AM) was 65 degree's and HUMID!!!! barely any wind. I run 2 miles to Lisa's and meet up with the gang who then run me back and we add in 2 miles of MORE hills in the middle. By the time I got to Lisa's (2 miles) I was SOAKED and all I had on was shorts, sports bra and a small lightweight reflective vest. We had a slight breeze going back the other direction but it was still humid. When I got home hubby was up and said "wow - you are SWEATY". Oh really!!!! I was trying to cool off and enjoy my cereal but he kept on and on about how sweaty I was. I knew he was going running later so I thought "ha! ha! just wait until you run". He had to go to Jonesboro today and was going to stop off at a trail and do his run so I will find out this evening if HE sweated - LOL!!!

I can't hardly wait until this evening to start the Women Can Run clinic - but I have 37 NEW names to learn :-)

Saturday will be my long run of 15 miles and we are doing the Little Rock half marathon course which should be FUN! It is also Jane's birthday so we will be celebrating with Latte's and toast and jelly at Boulevard Bread Co.

Have a good Friday.

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