Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Long Run Fun!

Vicki Ingram (affectionately known as Ms. Vic) planned a course preview run on the Little Rock Half Marathon (13.1 miles) course. Little did we know that we would have 24 runners and 3 bikers show up - WOW!!!! huge group. Immediately we were split up in several groups - Cindy C called them Group A for "awesome", Group B for "beautiful" (my group and Cindy's - lol!) and so forth. Group A took off with 3 guys and 2 girls only to end with 2 girls as the guy's had either aches and pains and quit or one went a different route. Group B (my group) had 4 guys and 4 girls - most of the time. We lost 2 of the girl's when they stopped to use the bathroom. It was a great run with a little rain every once in a while. I definitely know that I want to try my best with this race in 2 weeks but it is NOT a PR course. I ended up with 15 miles (which I wanted) because of some circle backs for people in our group to stay together and also where we parked was a little bit from the start/finish. I felt really good about the run - we held a 9:40 average pace, which is a little slower than what we usually do on our long runs but I think with the circle back's this cut the pace. Also I usually try to hold a certain average pace on long runs but this was just supposed to be a course preview. After the run we all (and I MEAN ALL!!!) gathered at the Rivermarket for latte's, breakfast and to celebrate Jane and Shawn (new guy) birthday's. We had a great time.

Later when I got home I went to Wal-Mart and did some shopping for some items (not groceries) that I have been needing and then came home to settle in as I was tired and it was SO cold outside. Lisa F, Cindy and I had made our plans to run Sunday morning at 8AM but about 7PM Cindy C called me to tell me they were backing out because of the weather. I say "what weather" and she said "look outside" - WOW it was sleeting and snowing and I didn't even know it. This morning (Sunday) my deck is showing a few inches of snow on it - HOW PRETTY!! I plan to wait until it warms a little and do a solo run with my Ipod and check out the snow. I will probably just do 4 miles because my legs are pretty sore from yesterday and then probably 40 minutes on the spin bike to watch a show I have DVR'd.

Later today I am picking up Madison for a "meemee day" and we will go over to the track at 1:30 to help with a "extra bonus run" for the Women Can run ladies. Don't know what we will do after that as there are no good movies out right now.

Have a good Sunday.


  1. It was a great turnout. Did you see the one picture on my blog that James took where we're starting out? I've been in a couple of 5ks that didn't have that many people, lol.


  2. I'm glad you guys had a great run! It was so good to see you at the River Market!!

    Look forward to seeing you on race day!

  3. Gabby- Arland tagged me on my Facebook with the pics. thanks. Yes we had a great group.

    Cheryl - It was good to see you also - let's hope for good weather for the marathon (I am doing the half) so we can hang out and watch all our buddies come in.