Sunday, February 15, 2009

BUSY Weekend and 2 good runs

Saturday was just go, go, go ALL day from the time I got up to run at 7AM with the Cruiser's until I got home for the day at 9PM. Our 7AM Cruiser run had a GREAT turnout. I think we ended up with 17+ runner's, which was really good considering alot of our runner's were at the Val5K in Russellville. We had 4 new runner's - Reed, Steve, Tara and Chana. All the new runner's seem to fit into a pace with all the different groups we had. Tara and Steve ran with my group. I wanted 13 miles and so did Lisa and Robert. I started my run with a large group and then when they turned off (only wanting 6.5 miles) I went on and ran with Andrea, Steve and Debbie B. Andrea and Debbie B turned off (only wanting 10.2 miles) and then Lisa turned back to finish out with me. We pushed it and caught up with Robert and Steve (new guy). Steve decided he only wanted 12 miles so we sent him off when we hit Candlewood. Me, Lisa and Robert ended up with 13 at about a 9:20 avg pace. It was a very good run although my hamstring tugged the the whole time. After getting home and showering and then heading out for groceries etc. I could feel my hamstring and knee really tightening up. I had a hair appt. at 1:30 so it was just rush rush all morning. When I got back from my hair appt. about 3:15 Tony was ready to go out to dinner and a movie. We were planning on Outback but ended up just staying in Cabot since the movie we wanted to see was in Cabot. We ended up going to the new Italian restaurant (can't remember the name) and LOVED the food and service. Be both really overindulged since we have been being so good for the last few weeks on nutrition. I didn't feel guilty one bit :) After dinner we went to see "Taken" at the Cabot theatre and ran into Robert/Reed and Andrea/Scott at the same movie. The movie was very good - we all enjoyed it. After the movie when I got up to walk OUCH - my knee/hammy's were killing me. When I got home I immediately iced it and took 2 Aleve's. I woke up several times in the night and could feel it everytime - gotta baby it now :(

Sunday morning I met Lisa Feldt for our usual 6 mler at 8AM from her house. We have a new route that we like BUT we both keep commenting that we told each other we would run flat and easy on Sunday's but this route it very hilly and we usually run sub 9:00 - so we are not doing what we both agreed to do :). Today my hamstring/knee was really hurting so we took the first mile at about a 10:00 but as usual we had good conversation, good weather and ended up with a 9:10 avg pace for the whole 6 miles. Something about when I run with Lisa alone makes me run much faster but it always feels comfortable :)

Today I will do weights but am thinking I should skip legs because of my knee/hamstring - we'll see. I did text my massage therapist and BEGGED to get in this week. She is going to work me in on Wednesday or Thursday - yahoo!!!

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Brenda you should definately skip the lower body weight training today but you could still do upper body and core.

  2. Ouch on the hamstring. I missed y'all this weekend! Hopefully everything will time out this week so I can make the 15k.


  3. Great couple of runs Brenda, sorry to hear about your hamstring, take it easy!!

  4. Give that leg a rest. The girls need you at the 15k to kick some Grand Prix booty!