Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Recap and time to revamp my schedule for Women Can Run Clinc

Recap -
Saturday - 13 miles. Good run with Cruisers (already blogged about)
Sunday - 6 miles. Good run with Lisa. Weight routine (upper) at home.
Monday - 45 minutes on spin bike with TOUGH workout and then an easy one mile on dreadmill to test out my hamstring - which is fine :)
Tuesday - 8 miles with Cindy, Annette and Michelle. Cindy and I threw in 2 miles of tempo running at the start - good run :)
Wednesday - 4 miles at lunch on the trails. Deep tissue massage after work to work out the kinks because racing this weekend.
Thursday - Early morning 5.5 miles with Lisa, Robert and Vicky V. - good run. Will do upper body weights when I get home today.
Friday will be rest.

Saturday will be my favorite race of the year - the Rivertrail 15K. I love the course, the distance and the scenery on this run. I also like the fact that it is only about 20 minute drive from Cabot. Bad news is that it is going to be VERY cold Saturday morning and possibly rain :( - will post Saturday about the race.

Next week I start working at the Women Can Run clinic for 11 weeks. I am a leader for the Advanced and Intermediate groups. I have decided that I will get all of "my" runs in the morning so I will have quality runs and then just run with the ladies on Monday/Thursday evenings and not stress about pace and distance - just enjoy working with the ladies. So below is my new proposed schedule which includes having to get up at 4:30 or 5AM most mornings instead of my usual 5:30. The good news is all runs will be "out the door from my house" runs.

Monday - spinning before work (in the garage) - afternoon WCR clinic (3 - 4 miles)
Tuesday - Morning 6 miles with 2 mile Tempo Run - afternoon maybe fun run with Annette and Michelle if they are running.
Wednesday - 4 easy miles in the morning or lunch. Upper body weights at home after work.
Thursday - Morning 6 mile hill workout. Afternoon WCR clinic (3 - 4 miles)
Friday - REST - much needed!!!
Saturday - Long run - 13 miles
Sunday - Easy run - 6 miles

This will give me double workouts on Mon/Tue/Thurs but as long as I keep the miles easy this should work and as Annette and I have talked about this should keep our metaolism going so we will burn more fat :)

Have a GREAT weekend.

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  1. Brenda, could you at least work some runs in at lunch also?? I don't think two a days are going to be Just kidding. See you at the race Saturday!