Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GREAT New Years Eve Run & Year End Stats

FINALLY - something to blog about - lol!! Today I had a GREAT New Year's Eve run by myself. I went out to the NLR Lake about 3PM (got off early) and had a Runner's High run. Cheryl, I was in such a good mood that if I had known where you lived I would have ran to your house and said "hi".

There are 4 days a year that since I have been running I never miss running on and they are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve Day and New Year's Day. My plan today was to run at lunch because I didn't want to run late like I usually do. My boss came down at lunch when I came out from getting dressed to go run and said "when you finish your work today you can leave" woohoo - so I worked through lunch so I could leave at 2:45 when I was finished with everything.

Since my run is over I can now post my 2008 stats - PLEASE everyone if you have your stats post on your blog so we can all see - I love looking at them. Arland already has so take a look at his blog.

2008 Stats vs. 2007 (miles)
2008 2007
Running 2035 2079
Biking 731 15

My running miles for 2008 were a little lower than 2007 because of my PF BUT the good news is my biking miles went WAY up. I can thank Annette for the biking miles - we had some great rides and because of her buying a new bike I did and I LOVE DOLCE (that's her name - see pic). There was some spinning and elliptical also but I didn't keep track of this.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

GREAT run and a day with the horses

My day started off with a GREAT 6 miler with Cindy and Lisa. The weather was soooo much better than yesterday. We did a different route out on some country roads in Ward and it was really nice even when Cindy had us take a road she "thought" led to another road which didn't so we made a trip trough a lot of weeds and mudd to get across.

After my run I came home and made some breakfast and then headed out to my friends barn for the day. Jan is one of my oldest friends and I haven't spent much time with her lately because my obsession is running and her obsession is Arabian Horses. About a year ago she built the Taj Mahal of horse barns on 60 acres less than 10 minutes from my house so it is much more convenient for me to visit now. I spent 6 hours grooming, riding, feeding and just playing around with the horses and also got in a good visit with Jan. Jan is a psychiatrist so it was interesting to hear some of her stories with work - sad but interesting. Jan has 4 stallions and 4 mare's and her stallions always scare me because they are so spirited. I was raised with horses (owned 3) but mine were always laid back quarter horses - SO different from Arabian's. I was helping Jan put on Covy's (stallion) pajams's (blanket but Jan calls them pajama's) and he went pretty crazy on us - this really scared me because we were stuck in the small stall. I finally grabbed some horse cookies and put in front of him and he calmed down. I gave him 4 cookies while Jan got the pajama's on and got the stall door open - pretty scary.

Got home at 4PM - showered, did weights and had some AWESOME Deer Taco soup that was cooking in my crockpot all day. Tony will be home about 8PM from Deer Camp so I will hear all his stories and then hit the sack.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

HOT HUMID Run - but it's done!

I met for our usual Saturday 7AM Cabot Cruiser run today and although it was windy the temps were 65ish and HUMID. We had 11 runner's (last week we had 17). I ran with Cindy C and Lisa F for 8.5 miles then added on 1.5 by myself to get up to 10 miles. I am slowly ramping up from Memphis since I still have some running "issues" from the Memphis marathon. It was a tough run because of the humidity. Annette ran 5 with Jane since she is doing her long run tomorrow and was nice enough to have my favorite Mt. Mudd drink waiting on me when I finished - she is SUCH A SWEETY!!! After drinking my SF Chai we decided to go on to Starbuck's to have a visit. We had a good time and also tried out the new Expresso Trouffles - WOW if you love chocolate try this!! Then it was on to Wal-Mart to get our ingredients for some healthy recipes I found in my Hungry Girl book for us to try out. We are both back to our "eating healthy" program again. We both took a break after the marathon and also during the holiday's but it is now time to get back on the program. I didn't do much after going grocery shopping as we had a storm come through later in the afternoon. Right now I am trying to play with my blog and figure out how to put pic's on. I took a pic of my road bike but when I posted it was HUGE!!!!

Tomorrow my plan is an easy run at 7:30aM with Cindy and Lisa and then off to the horse barn for the day with my friend Jan to work with her Arabian's.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ok Ok I finally did it

Ok..Ok.......Gabby and Susan I created a blog. Now if it is REALLY boring you can't blame me :)

After reading Gabby's blog (which I really enjoy) and seeing Susan's comment (I also enjoy Susan's blog) I thought - Hey why don't you have a blog. Well........maybe because I think my life if pretty boring :) so here goes.

Friday is always a rest day so no running, no crosstraining (yes that's my NEW thing) and no weights (started after Memphis marathon). BUT the big news is I received quite a few gift cards from Academy Sports for Christmas (go figure) so I bought a SPIN BIKE!! I have decided that instead of running 6 days a week that I will run 5 days a week and crosstrain 1 day a week along with 2 days of weight training. Now with my spin bike I don't have to go to the yucky gym one day a week and worry about germs :) So............after I figure this blog thing out (I lost my first blog post and am now trying to remember everything I typed - lol!!) I will take some pics for the front page and also a pic of the new spin bike. I guess I need to name her also since my road bike is name Dolce - any suggestions?

I am hoping the spin bike will help me on my road bike (I am always the last one in) and also with my goal of doing some duathlons in 2009.

I hope the weather holds out for everyone tomorrow to get your run or bike or whatever weekend warrior plan you have in mind.

Well I guess that's it - I sure hope when I hit save that this goes to my blog - otherwise I give up - lol!!!