Thursday, February 12, 2009

GREAT weather and weekly recap

This week the weather has been great for running (except Monday). On Monday's I start planning my strategy for getting all my workouts in. Monday is always easy since it is short mileage and the spin bike. Tuesday's are the days I usually dread since it is long mileage AND a tempo run (this week I shook it up to have some fun). My main focus is making sure I can get my Wednesday run in at lunch so I can do my hill workout with Lisa, Cindy and Robert on Thursday morning. If I can't run at lunch then I have to move my workout to Thursday evening. Thursday evening has become my cook a nice dinner and watch LOST with my hubby :)

So here goes and yes I got all workouts in except Tuesday I only got in 6.4 miles instead of 8 because I stupidly parked my car in the park at the NLR lake and the "gate nazi" came early and made me move my car and I happen to be at 6.4 miles so I didn't want to get in the car (all sweaty), move it and get back out and run so I just called it at 6.4 and left.

Saturday - 12 miles (already posted about this run - tough at the end)
Sunday - 6 miles (great run) - weight routine at home.
Monday - 3 miles on dreadmill at home and then 35 minutes on spin bike. I really get a good workout on the spin bike. I do 25 minutes of jumps in the middle and this week I had to put a towel on my handlebars to catch the sweat!!
Tuesday - 6.4 miles. Instead of doing a 16 minute Tempo run I decided to "play" by doing 16 - 1 minute Fartleks. After warming up I would run hard one minute and then easy X16. It was fun and kept my mind thinking :)
Wednesday - 4 miles at the trail at the Y - good run - very easy pace. Weight routine at home.
Thursday - 6 miles of hill workout with Lisa and Robert. My legs were feeling my weight workout from Wednesday night. I made a mental note to change my leg workout to ONLY on Sunday. How stupid was I to do legs and then in less that 12 hours to a hill workout :)
Friday - will be rest day.

Saturday we are planning 12 - 13 from Southside with the Cruiser gang. I sure hope we have breakfast at Denali's!!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day. Tony and I plan to go to Outback Steakhouse and then go to the movies :)

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