Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rivertrail 15K race report - WHAT FUN!!!

Today was the Rivertrail 15K race (9.3 miles). I just LOVE this race even though the weather pretty much sucks every year. When I woke up this morning and went to pick up Lisa F I said "WOW the weather is PERFECT - couldn't be any better" - BIG MISTAKE. Yes, at that time the temps were 48 degrees and cloudy, which is my IDEAL running weather. By the time we got to the race, picked up our packets and made a pit stop it was raining. We went to do our mile warmup and it POURED on us. Weather is always a big worry for all runner's but no matter what we still get out there and give it our best :) My goal for this race was to beat my PR (personal record) on this course which was last year with a 1:19:38 (8:33 avg pace). I didn't care if it was by 1 second but I WANTED to beat this time. My plan was to go out at a 8:30 avg pace and then see what I had left coming back. 8:30 felt VERY comfortable so I had to really watch myself not to pick it up any faster. My mile 1 was a 8:35 and at mile one my shoes were COMPLETELY soaked so they weighed about 5 lbs each - lol!!! At the turnaround I was right on mark with a 8:27 avg pace. This is when my plan went to - turn on your Ipod, run as hard as you can and PICK people off!!!! After mile 1 no one had passed me so I was very happy with that and at the turn around I told myself NO ONE will pass me coming back the last 4.6ish miles. At mile 6 Robert (my training partner) caught up to me and we chatted a little and then we either ran side by side or me on his heels all the way in - so technically one person did pass me but it was Robert so it was okay :) I think he ended up about 3 seconds ahead of me at the finish. I finished in 1:18:34 (official time not posted yet) but I was THRILLED - this put me at about a 8:20ish avg pace and helped my confidence for the Little Rock Half Marathon in 3 weeks. I guess the tempo runs are paying off :)

After the race we had awards - I got 2nd place in my age group - and then we had Pizza and the Arkansas State Grand Prix awards. It was a GREAT day to spend running and visiting with about 20 Cruiser running buddies - they are the BEST!!!!!!

Also have to say it was great to have Cindy C back racing today. I am not sure of her time but it will not be long before she is kicking my butt again but I LOVE it - just makes me have to try even harder to keep up with her. She was THRILLED to be back after about 8 months off with an injury.

Tomorrow all of us that raced today are sleeping in and doing an easy 6 miler at 1:30PM - yah!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend :)


  1. You looked awesome today (at least from the back view I had)! Congrats on the p.r.!!! I need to upgrade my garmin to a newer model that's more accurate--my 1st mile was showing approx. 10 seconds faster and we already know from the long runs that it's off from what yours is.


  2. Congrats on the PR! It was tough conditions today but other than my shoes getting soaked, it was good running weather for fast times. Can you believe 2 state records were broken?

  3. WOW - NICE JOB!! I know you are thrilled!