Friday, January 30, 2009

RECAP and TERRIBLE weather

This week has been TERRIBLE weather wise. Of course I shouldn't complain because the folks in Northern Arkansas really got hit hard and it is just awful about the power outages and ice they are still having to deal with.

It was a little more of a challenge this week to get in all my runs/workouts but I got all of them in and just flip flopped Tuesday and Thursday. Ran in the POURING rain Tuesday because after running on the Dreadmill Monday I just COULD NOT run on it again.

Saturday - 13.5 miles with the Cruiser Gang
Sunday - 6 miles with the Dude's Gang and full body weight workout
Monday - 3 miles on Dreadmill and 30 minutes on Spin bike
Tuesday - 5 miles with 12 Hill repeats included
Wednesday - 5 miles at the NLR lake then home to do full body weight workout
Thursday - 8 miles with Krooked Kreek gang and this included a 16 minute tempo run

Run miles - 40.5
Spinning - 30 minutes (need to get this up to 60 minutes a week)
2 Full body weight workouts

Ok.........I seem to have a lot of Gang's - but that is the great thing about running and being a Cruiser - GREAT friends, GREAT runs and GREAT conversation. I still love my solo runs but there is no way I could do all my run's solo - gotta have my Cruiser buddies :)

Have a good weekend - WEATHER looks GREAT!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold WINDY Saturday Long Run and SURPRISE!

Saturday was my scheduled 13 miler. I decided to do my run from the usual Cruiser's Southside Elementary school start since I did trails last week. The temps were cold but the WIND was BRUTAL. We had a great group - 21 runners. We all always start out together but then everyone kind of groups up by pace and distance they are running. I ended up running 10 miles with Cindy C, Steve B, Mark Oliver, Lisa and Melisha - then me, Lisa and Melisha went on for 13.5 (Melisha did 20 miles for training for Boston in April). On mile 11 I realized we were going to be running into a head wind for the last few miles so we decided to change the route a little and go into Candlewood to breakup the route some from the headwind. It was a good run and we held a great pace but the wind wore us down at the end. Afterwards we had our usual Denali's coffee and this week I tried a bagel with cream cheese and it was GREAT!

After my run and some grocery shopping Annette called and I met her to pick up some items for Arland's surprise party. After getting decorations, paper products and a "pink" cake we were off to Jackie's to decorate. I then went home relaxed a little but then needed to get ready for the party. Tony and I got there a little early to help shuttle people from the clubhouse. It was a GREAT party and I am not so sure Arland was surprised but I know he had a good time. Tony and I were home by 9:00ish so we watched some TV and then we were both out after such a busy Saturday.

Sunday I got up to meet the Dude's gang (Lisa, Cindy C and Vicki Vandever) for a 6:45AM 6-miler - again COLD but not as windy. We reversed our route and really enjoyed it in the opposite direction. There were a few times we got pelted with sleet but it was a GREAT run. Got home and did my weight routine. I am enjoying putting on a show I have DVR'd and doing my weights - the hardest part is walking in the room - after I get started I really enjoy it :)

Now I am just home doing Sunday chores and thinking about how I may change up my schedule a little to add in another spinning day but not take off any mileage. I am going to try to get some runs or spins in early in the morning. I will start helping with the Women Can Run clinic February 23rd and as much as I LOVE helping with the clinic I am afraid I will not get in quality runs so I am planning on doing my runs on those days in the mornings so the evenings can just be helping the ladies and doing an few easy miles with them that I will probably not even log.

Well gotta go and make dinner. Tony just got done with the dreadmill and is doing weights so I have to cook him something healthy since he is trying to do right - lol!!

Have a GREAT week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

LOST and Weekly Recap

No, Annette I am NOT going to post about me, you and Jane getting LOST on our run last night - remember I told you I wouldn't - LOL!!! Hey it was a fun run with great company/conversation so who cares if we got a little Lost. Actually my title refers to the show LOST. My husband and I have never missed an episode and were so excited to watch the season premiere last night (DVR'd from late Wednesday night). While watching the show I said repeatedly "glad I watched the 3 hour recap last week or I would be LOST". I enjoyed the premiere - favorite part was when Hurly was pulled over by a cop and the cop was Ana Lucia - then she said "Libby said hi"!! Loved it!!! Anyone else watch?

Ok - on to the weekly recap. I log from Saturday to Friday so that is the reason for my recaps on Friday, which is also my rest day.

Saturday - 12 mile trail run (already talked about in earlier blog)
Sunday - 6.4 miles with Cindy and Robert - good run met up with Annette and Bailey in route and had to run through someone's yard to catch them. Full body weight workout when I got home.
Monday - 4 miles at the NLR Lake and then home to do the Spin bike for 30 minutes - still LOVING the spin bike :)
Tuesday - 8 miles - I did a few miles with a 15 minutes Tempo Run before meeting up with Annette, Jane and James.
Wednesday - 4 miles at lunch at the YMCA trails in NLR. After work while watching recorded "House" full body weight workout.
Thursday - 7.8 miles - did some hill repeats before meeting up with Annette and Jane and yes we got a "little" lost so my mileage was a little high but the company/conversation was so great that is didn't matter.

Run Mileage - 42.2
Spinning - 30 minutes
2 - full body weight workouts

Enjoy your Weekend!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where did the weekend go???

This weekend FLEW by. It's now 7PM on Sunday and I am thinking "I wish I had one more day before work".

Saturday I did a 12 mile trail run (REAL TRAILS!!!!) with Lisa, Mark Oliver, Robert Harrell and Eugene. About half of the trail run was VERY VERY rough trails. For more than 6 miles I just stared at the ground and hoped not to fall. So many times I wanted to walk because it was so rough but Lisa and I just kept running so the guys wouldn't get so far ahead of us. I don't think we (me or Lisa) will be doing those trails again. I used to do a lot of trail running 3 years ago but this was much tougher than any trails I have done. After the trail run I had breakfast with the Cruisers at our new breakfast hangout - Denali's. It was GREAT - so this will be our new Saturday hangout after a long run. After breakfast I had to rush home to get ready to take Kelli (soon to be daughter in law) and Madison, Hailey (Kelli's daughter) and Hailey's friend to the Old Mill to check how do to Jonathan and Kelli's wedding there and then on to the mall for about 4 hours of shopping for Hailey's birthday. After the mall we had a little party at US Pizza for Hailey - then home and vegged out and watched my DVR'd LOST episode's from Wednesday night.

Sunday - Good run and then home to do weights, laundry, housework, cooking for Tony for next week and cooking for me for next week. I watched Grey's Anatomy from last week then it was time to get ready for the Cruiser meeting at Jackie's at 4PM. GREAT meeting - I think we must have had 40+ people show. Now I am home and ready to veg out again and watch some TV with hubby before he heads out of town for work.

Have a GREAT week.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Recap and Did I Follow my Schedule

Of Course - remember I am a very schedule/routine oriented person :) Somedays were switched around because of weather but I got it all in - 40.6 miles of running, 30 minutes of spinning and 2 full body weight workouts.

Saturday - Ran 13.5 miles with the Cruisers. Good run kept a good steady 9:30ish pace. During Memphis training all my long runs were in the 9:10ish pace and my plan now is to drop to 9:30ish for time to recover.
Sunday - Ran 6.6 with our Dude's (Dude's Grocery Store) group. Reason for odd mileage is I finished out with Ginny and she runs for time so we ran 6.6 in 1 hour. Later that morning at home I did my full body weight workout.
Monday - Swapped Mon/Tue because great weather Monday and did 6 miles with Annette, Jane, Michelle and Karen - fun good RUN!!
Tuesday - At home 3 miles on DREADMILL and 30 minutes Spinning. I LOVE my Spin bike!!!
Wednesday - 5.5 miles at lunch from work - VERY HILLY!! then after work my full body weight workout.
Thursday - 6 FAST miles with Lisa Feldt.
Friday - REST!!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and getting ready for a fun filled weekend! I am looking forward to a trail run tomorrow morning - hope I don't trip :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Need to put my running thoughts down on paper

First recap of the week:
Monday - terrible weather so 3 miles on the dreadmill at home and 30 minutes of spinning with drills thrown in.
Tuesday - 7.6 miles with Annette and the gang. I only planned on 6 - 7 miles but I got there early and ran a couple miles before everyone got there. Good run!
Wednesday - 4 miles at NLR Lake and then home to do 1 hour of weights. Good Run!
Thursday - 6 miles with Lisa F. Good run!
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 13.5 miles with the Cruisers - good run. Daily Grind breakfast afterwards and SAD to find out they are closing :( my running thoughts (this can ALWAYS change). I am trying to not bump up my mileage too much right now (nothing above 40 mpw) and let all my aches from Memphis heal and also build up my speed for a February 15K and March half marathon. I need to start some speedwork but have not been motivated yet. Speedwork to add - Tempo runs and LT or Fartlek's. I am thinking no Interval work this year and see how it goes. If I think it cuts my speed I may throw them back in but I really feel like doing Intervals causes me injuries. I want to keep my long run at 12 - 13 miles on Saturday until after the 15K and then do a couple 15-milers to prepare for the half marathon in March. In order to hit 40 miles and under I will need to do:
Saturday - 13 miles
Sunday - 6 miles with 1 hour weights
Monday - 3 miles with spinning for 30 minutes
Tuesday - 8 miles (or 6 if not feeling 8) with Tempo's or Fartlek's thrown in.
Wednesday - 4 miles with 1 hour weights
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday - Rest

So that's the plan now but CAN CHANGE :) Ok - YEAH! I have a schedule. I am such a routine and schedule person I have to have one!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 1/2 Hours of Crosstraining

And no it was NOT the fun kind. Let me catch up first.

New Year's Day - GREAT 6 miles run with the Cruiser's - 17 Total Runner's. Made a good dinner with smoked deer meat, veggies, blackeyed peas and cornbread and watched a movie.

Crosstraining begins: 3 1/2 hours YARD WORK
Friday - I took a vacation day to help my husband with yard work that has been MUCH needed. Tony has been in the deer woods for 3 months and he works out of town during the week so his Honey Do list was REALLY long. I started out with a leisurely morning of 30 minutes on the spin bike and some shopping. THEN I get home and Tony is home and we go out side to trim bushes, trim tree's, clean gutter's, clean flower beds etc. etc. etc. 3 1/2 hours later we both come in EXHAUSTED!!!

Crosstraining ends: 4 hours YARD WORK
Saturday - get up and have a nice easy 8 miler with Lisa, Cindy, Robert and Mark then I head home to finish the yard work - 4 HOURS later we come in FINALLY finished. At one point I told Tony "I am exhausted and dizzy" what does he do - he hands me the tree trimmer to hold - I say "WHY would you hand me a sharp object when I am dizzy" he just laughs. Anyways the yard looks great and we are DONE!!!!

I am being lazy the rest of the day. Tomorrow I have a 9+ miler, trash pickup, maybe bike ride and weights so I need my REST!!!